Instructions on product batches submitted for coating

In order to improve our customer service and the quality of our operations, and to avoid mix-ups with products, we ask our customers to supply their product batches with an accompanying note, including the following information:

  • Full contact details
  • The desired coating, e.g. hot-dip galvanising or zinc-electroplating
  • With zinc-electroplated products, the desired passivation method, e.g. yellow passivation
  • A delivery list that details the products to be coated, including the number of packages. For example:
    • 4 pcs PP100*100*4 L=3500-4000 / 1 bundle
    • 6 pcs HEA 200 L=2500 / 1 bundle
    • 2 pcs Frame PP80*80*3 1500*4000 / 1 bundle
    • 154 pcs Vasher Plate 50*50*2.5 / 1 pallet
  • A "marking/project number" for the products submitted for coating, e.g. the name of the construction site
  • Required finishing treatments (painting, etc.), if applicable
  • Previously agreed additional work, e.g. thread cleaning[M2] , surface protection or special packaging. With surface protection or special packaging, the necessary specifications and instructions must be supplied.
  • With products delivered to our Turku plant, special mention must be made of any additional work required before the actual coating, such as polishing, bead blasting or vibratory finishing.
  • Information about forwarding (delivery address, carrier, payer, possible contract numbers, etc.), if applicable
  • A discount code for the products, if applicable
  • If a customer orders products from a wholesaler or subcontractor, the delivered batch must be accompanied by the same identification information as in direct customer deliveries, as above.