Aurajoki's environmental policy

We at Aurajoki acknowledge our responsibility for people and the environment.

We seek to contribute to building awareness of the effects of coatings on people and the environment. With efficient use of raw materials and energy in our processes, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment. We are committed to complying with quality and environmental standards, and with statutory and other requirements. We also comply with relevant surface treatment industry standards.

Setting, monitoring and continuously reviewing objectives for quality and environmental performance is an essential part of our operations.

We work together with our partners to promote energy efficiency and recyclability in our production, and to take proactive measures to comply with the directives and regulations that pertain to our operations.

We constantly monitor and develop our supplier network, with an emphasis on responsibility and the environment.

Aurajoki – surface treatment with respect for the environment

Coating a product with an appropriate material increases its service life, which saves natural resources and is therefore good for the environment.

Zinc is a 100% natural product and fully recyclable.

All our coatings are produced under strict supervision and in compliance with strict environmental standards, safely and in a way that saves energy and natural resources.

FI ISO 9001 ISO 3834 2 ISO 14001 lores


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