Aurajoki Oy Group bought Gav Group Oy Pirkkala pressure vessel business.

The roots of GaV Group go back to 1903, when the company Galvanoimis was founded in Tampere. The company specialised in hot-dip galvanising services, but it also manufactured metal products, such as nails and washtubs, as well as horse-shoes for the Tsar's cavalry.

In 1951, the company started the manufacture of pressure vessels. In 2007, it merged with the company Vähäsilta, and the new company received the name GaV Group.


Proxocon expands its mechanical engineering operations to Pirkkala and closes the Hämeenlinna facility.


A 13-m hot-dip galvanizing kettle is introduced to the Aura plant. Proxocon receives a quality certificate. Proxocon acquires the Kannonkoski engineering workshop from the bankrupt estate of TTP-Yhtiöt, which means that the Aurajoki group is back to doing mechanical engineering.


Aurajoki acquires 70% of Proxocon's share capital.


A new share issue, in which more of the company's employees become owners. At the same time, Primaca Partners withdraws from Aurajoki's business and sells its shares to the other owners of the company.


KS-Sinkki merges with Aurajoki. The Vaasa and Nummela plants close.


The Mikkeli plant is reformed. Aurajoki buys out the holdings of AuraCoat and AuraColor. Aurajoki acquires the Lievestuore-based KS-Sinkki. AuraCoat and AuraColor merge with Aurajoki. Aurajoki receives an environmental certificate.


Aurajoki management moves to Aura. Hot-dip galvanizing operations are terminated at the Ylihärmä factory. Aurajoki acquires the hot-dip galvanizing business of Galvanoimis. Aurajoki receives a quality certificate.


The ownership of Aurajoki is transferred from CapMan to a consortium of investors led by Primaca Partners.


Aurajoki acquires the surface treatment business of Outokumpu Wasacopper. AuraColor powder painting unit starts operations as an Aurajoki subsidiary from 1 November 2004. The Hyvinkää plant closes on 1 December 2004. On the same day, Aurajoki's electrolytic coatings unit is hived off into a subsidiary, AuraCoat, with operations in Turku and Vaasa.


From the start of the year, all operations take place under the name of Aurajoki. The Salo plant closes, as operations are transferred to the expanded Turku plant. The management moves to Turku.


Aurajoki acquires the Turku-based Reu-Met. Kuumagalvanointi merges with Aurajoki, and Reu-Met business transfers to Aurajoki.


CapMan Capital Management and the Aurajoki management acquire the entire share capital of the company.


Aurajoki acquires the Hyvinkää-based Kuumagalvanointi.


Aurajoki acquires the nickel plating business of Tunturipyörä.


The first automatic hot-dip galvanizing line for small articles is completed at the Aura plant.


Aurajoki acquires the Salo-based electrolytic coating plant, Salomaan Sinkitys.


Aurajoki shares are sold to the construction and engineering company Teräsbetoni. The galvanizing plant of Teräsbetoni's engineering workshop in Nummela is incorporated into Aurajoki.


The Aura plants are expanded. The third galvanizing kettle, measuring 4.0 metres long, is brought into use in Aura. Aurajoki acquires the Ylihärmä-based Galmet.


A second plant, equipped with a 7.0 metre-long kettle, is completed in Aura.


A new plant, equipped with a ceramic kettle for galvanizing small articles, is completed in Aura.


1974 The Mikkeli plant gets its own railway line.


Finland's largest galvanizing facility is completed in Mikkeli. The plant is equipped with a 13.0-metre galvanizing kettle.


Mechanical engineering operations are terminated and the zinc-electroplating line is sold.


The Aura plant is completed. The plant produces transport pallets that are zinc-electroplated. In the same year, two hot-dip galvanizing kettles are introduced to the plant, the longer of which measures 6.5 metres.


Aurajoki is founded. The company operates from rented premises in an engineering workshop in Raisio.

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