Lean project at our Turku Factory has been successful

turku leanThe Turku Factory of Aurajoki Oy is our first factory where Lean mentality was tested for better work efficiency. Lean is a systematic method of work enabling the standardisation of activities. It covers a number of areas, such as management system, problem solving methods, and monitoring and instruments.

The Project was launched at the beginning of 2017 and was managed by two experienced consultants from outside of the company throughout the year. At first, a common intention was created for employees to improve the Factory's competitiveness, thereafter, among other things, a new layout and new practices were planned for the Factory. At present, Mr. Mikko Mäkinen, Production Manager of the Factory, is in charge of the project together the development group.

Compared to the past, works at Turku Factory have become more professional. Things are implemented and monitored more systematically and employees have been able to participate in the development of working environment significantly more than before. The greatest visible benefit is the cleanliness of production premises, which have also been noticed by customers visiting the Factory. Goods being in the right place and the cleanliness of the Factory have had a positive effect on the well-being of employees.

At the beginning of the project, a challenge was that every employee had to provide a lot of new information. However, in the first year, Lean's strengths were observed, and the attitudes of employees towards changes became more positive. Moreover, Lean enables to acknowledge the existing challenges as they are addressed more openly and continuously. In the course of the Project, the Turku Factory has developed a mode of operation that is sustainable and advances step by step.