We support the development of TAKK electricity networks training

Aurajoki Oy participates in a project of Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), in the course of which a new substation will be built for educational purposes near Nirva Campus in Tampere. The project aims at building a diverse, secure and quality learning environment for carrying out electricity networks training, which would provide learners with more extensive electricity related education. Such learning environment has not been created before and the substation will be in state use.

Substation consists of 110 kV high voltage switchgear and power lines. The switchgear consists of two cable outlet fields situated in approximately 30 m x 20 m fenced areas and two to three power lines with posts and wires. Project was commenced in 2018 and estimated commissioning of the new learning environment is next year. Other project participants include Fingrid Oy, Omexom Oy, Empower PN Oy, Voimatel Oy and Eltel Networks Oy.

Steel structures of the substation are manufactured in our Kannonkoski workshop and hot-dipped galvanised in Pirkkala plant. Jaana Harju and Timo Juntunen, TAKK trainers responsible for the project visited Pirkkala hot-dipped galvanizing plant in mid-August to see how the structures are manufactured and to learn more about our production processes.

Thank you for visiting us and good luck with the project!

More information about the project is available at TAKK website: 


New production manager at Turku factory

mikko vahteramikko mnakinenMikko Mäkinen, the production manager at Turku factory, is transferring to a new position in Aurajoki Group. In early October, he will commence work as the development manager in our Aura office. Mikko will focus on further development of production on group level and participate in search for and development of new surface treatment solutions.

Mikko Vahtera, the former foreman of Turku factory will commence work as the new production manager. “It is good for the entire company to have Mikko take the next step in his career in Aurajoki, allowing more efficient implementation of his excellent technical skills,” says Tommi Pynnönen, the production manager at Aurajoki. “As an open person, Mikko can primarily deal with customers by meeting their expectations.”

We thank both Mikkos for excellent work at Turku factory and wish them good luck in their new functions!

Aurajoki raising awareness of industrial hazardous substances released into the Baltic Sea

hazbref uutinenThe Turku Factory of Aurajoki Oy is participating in the HAZBREF project of Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The project aims to decrease pollution of the Baltic Sea concerning the harmful inputs. The main instrument on EU level to control industrial releases is the Industrial Emissions Directive, particularly through the publication of BAT documents (Best Available Techniques which are also known as BREFs). However, the BREFs published so far do not contain comprehensive information on specific hazardous substances. In the HAZBREF project chemicals used by different industrial sectors are studied and analyzed, in order to raise awareness of the emission problem in general, but at the same time focusing especially on the nature of the problem in the Baltic region.

Aurajoki Oy is one of the seven companies operating on surface treatment that take part in the project. The other fields of industry participating are chemical and textile industries. According to Sanna Salo, HSEQ Manager at Aurajoki Group, it was the possibility to benchmark their practices that draw the company to join in. “Our factory is supervised by the Finnish environment and safety authorities, and naturally our processes and practices meet their requirements. Still it is interesting to discuss whether there are ways to take our performance to the next level and serve our customers better. HAZBREF can give us a new third party opinion in the matter, and we are eager to hear that,” Ms. Salo explains.

The revision of the BREF on surface treatment of metals and plastic makes the collaboration even more interesting for the company. “We believe that being part of the project has a real added value for us especially now, as the BREF is being revised. I expect the project can provide us more detailed information about the future BATs,” says Sanna Salo.

For further information about HAZBREF, please visit the website


Virtaava Aurajoki spreading from Turku to our other factories

virtaava aurajokiWe have renewed our strategy for the next three years and commenced its implementation in early 2019. Based on our operation strategy, we found the most suitable tool to be Virtaava Aurajoki, which also supports our values such as reliable and innovative. Virtaava Aurajoki was first introduced in the factory in Turku in 2017 and in view of good results, we have expanded our project to other places of activity.

According to its name, the purpose of Virtaava Aurajoki consists in intense information and material flows in our company. This results in accelerated production flow, allowing us to fulfil our clients’ wishes flexibly, quickly and at expected quality. For our staff, Virtaava Aurajoki stands for clarity, visuality and joint effort: we are more aware of our destination and the process and we find new solutions together.

“In the first half of this year, me and my team started participating in Virtaava Aurajoki project by leading 5S projects. As a new member of the staff, I had an opportunity to get acquainted with our team and familiarise myself with the factories during cleaning activities. Innovative solutions have been well received by the staff and it shows through tidiness and cleanliness of the premises. Our employees have provided us with more ideas for development, which is excellent”, commented HR manager Tuulia Kovanen. “Now we can enjoy summer and continue streamlining the flow in the autumn.”

Opening hours in summer 2019

Our offices will serve you during the summer 2019 as follows:

Reception and loading of goods on weekdays from 06:00 to 16:00
Kannonkoski On weekdays from 06:00 to 14:30
Lievestuore On weekdays from 06:00 to 20:00
Mikkeli On weekdays from 06:00 to 20:00
Pirkkala Reception and loading of goods on weekdays from 06:00 to 16:00
Turku Normal opening hours


Our excellent cooperation with Winco continues

tku uki

Aurajoki Oy and railway construction and repair company Winco Oy continue their good cooperation in the framework of Turku–Uusikaupunki electric railway project. Aurajoki manufactures electrification steel posts for the project, welded in Kannonkoski workshop in Finland and hot-dip galvanized at the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Lievestuore. There will be around one thousand posts to be manufactured within this year.

“We are glad for the opportunity to participate in such an extensive project,” commented Päivi Hakala, CEO of Aurajoki Oy.

“Winco Oy is happy that on the global supply market there is a competitive Finnish supplier providing good quality,” adds Timo Virmala, CEO of Winco Oy.

We participated in the annual meeting of Nordic Galvanizers in Malmö

Uutinen NG Ville 2After Easter, the organisation Nordic Galvanizers organised annual meeting in Malmö, Sweden. Aurajoki Oy was represented at the meeting by production manager of the plant Ville Sinkkonen and CEO Päivi Hakala, production manager Tommi Pynnönen and sales manager Ari Kesti. During the two-day event, our team learned about the most recent news and research results in the field of hot-dip galvanizing and examined the operation of local hot-dip galvanising plant.

“As members of this organisation, we are among the first people to learn about new scientific data regarding the areas of application of hot-dip galvanising. This time, it was particularly interesting to hear about the most recent technologies of hot-dip galvanising and watch presentations regarding chemical composition of steel and its impact on production process”, says Sinkkonen. The organisation has published the hot-dip galvanising handbook, the most recent edition of which will be available for all members in near future. That handbook contains lots of useful information for both member companies and their cooperation partners.

At the end of the annual meeting, almost 60 participants were given an opportunity to visit a local enterprise and observe the operation of fully automated hot-dip galvanising line. “Such plant visits are the most exciting. You can look around and notice significant details, which gives you new ideas how to improve our own operation,” notes Sinkkonen.

Aurajoki Oy is one of two Finnish companies that have a representative elected to the management board of Nordic Galvanizers.

New production contact person for Turku customers

kalle rantalaIn order to further improve our customer service, we have appointed one person to be in charge of all the issues related to deliveries at the Turku factory. Any questions related to orders and deliveries regarding production will be answered by Kalle Rantala

Find below Kalle’s contact details:
Kalle Rantala
Phone +358 40 457 8090

Best regards,
Ari Kesti
Sales Director
Aurajoki Oy

We participated in BSAG's successful Baltic Sea collection


We donated our last year's Christmas greeting money to the Baltic Sea Action Group and participated in the Christmas campaign of the Foundation Give just air as a gift. It was used to raise funds for rescuing the Baltic Sea, which focused particularly on revitalizing the amount of oxygen on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

“BSAG's annual Christmas campaign ensures the continuity of the Foundation's operations. The 2018 Campaign 'Give the Baltic Sea a Gift of Just Air' raised 220,600 euros and 152 individual donations,” said campaign manager Nicholas Wardi from the BSAG Foundation.

We wish BSAG good luck and success in rescuing the Baltic Sea!

Tracking our zinc

At the end of 2018, our CEO Päivi Hakala and our production manager Tommi Pynnönen visited the factory of Boliden Kokkola Oy to trace the zinc used in our hot-dip galvanizing facilities. Our cooperation with Boliden started in 1969, in the early days of Aurajoki, when manufacturing of zinc began in Kokkola, and the close cooperation has continued ever since.

“Over the years, Boliden has proven to provide high-quality zinc that meets our requirements. The delivery reliability of zinc is very good, which is why Boliden is a great cooperation partner for us. The company also takes care of analyzing all baths in our hot-dip galvanizing process,” says Pynnönen.

A large part of the zinc concentrate used in the Boliden manufacturing process is obtained from the company's own mines. During the process, the concentrate is reduced, soaked and coagulated and finally cast into zinc bars. The different steps remove the impurities, and as a result, a very pure SHG grade zinc is obtained which can be alloyed as desired by the Boliden customer.

Thanks big time to the Boliden team for an enlightening meeting!

Boliden ankkurikuva

Aurajoki Oy sells pressure equipment business

Aurajoki Oy will focus on its core business areas and has sold the pressure equipment business to the newly established company PV Tech Oy. The change will take effect on 1 February 2019.

Following in the footsteps of Aurajoki, PV Tech Oy will continue the pressure equipment business that has a successful and long-term history. All the knowledge and resources are transferred to the new company. Aurajoki Oy will continue to act as a co-owner of the new company.

“The target of Aurajoki Group is to be the best partner for customers in industrial coating solutions. With the launch of the new strategy of Aurajoki for the years 2019-2021, we will focus on serving our customers, especially in regards to surface treatment and the production related to surface treatment, including engineering workshops and production of the infrastructure. We wish the new company and staff continued future success,” comments Päivi Hakala, CEO of Aurajoki Group.

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in metal industry coating solutions with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 180. The factories of Aurajoki Group are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

Proxocon Oy changes its name

Dear customers and partners,

The name of Proxocon Oy will change on 10 January 2019. The new business name is Aurajoki Pro Oy. From now on, all quotations, orders and invoicing related to infrastructure production will be made in the name of Aurajoki Pro Oy.

All existing manufacturing and product certificates have been transferred to the parent company Aurajoki Oy. From January 2019, Aurajoki Pro Oy operates under the operating system of Aurajoki Oy.

The purpose of this change is to make our operations more coherent, efficient and to enable it to become more customer-oriented. This change will not affect our activities, our staff contacts or our organizational structure. Nor does the name change affect our products or services.

Invoicing information of Aurajoki Pro Oy (as of January 10, 2019)

Our company information
Name Business ID Our electronic invoicing address
Aurajoki Pro Oy 2364803-7 003723648037


Identification data
Broker Broker ID  
Maventa 003721291126  
Identification code when sending from a banking network: DABAFIHH


If you cannot send invoices electronically as an online invoice, we ask you to provide the purchase invoices either

by email to:

or by mail to:
Aurajoki Pro Oy
P.O.Box 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

For more information, contact:

Toni Casagrande, Administrative Director
phone +358 400 501 883 

Ari Kesti appointed new Sales Director of Aurajoki Group

Aurajoki Oy has appointed Ari Kesti as the new Sales Director of the Group as of January 7, 2016. He will move to the position from the position of Sales Director of TT Gaskets Oy, where he has been working since 2014. Kesti has many years of experience in the tasks and management of industrial sales, including in Takoma Oyj and Metso Drives Oy.

“Ari Kesti brings truly strong industry sales experience to the implementation of the renewed Aurajoki, and a new strategy. Kesti’s customer-oriented work method, sales management achievements and active management teamwork will strengthen the Aurajoki team in the emerging and digitalizing industry. I warmly welcome Ari Kesti to Aurajoki,”says Päivi Hakala.

"Aurajoki is a fine company with a long tradition as an important link in the value chains of Finnish industry. With my own contribution, I would like to develop the added value that Aurajoki brings to its customers. I believe my previous experience will help in this work, which always focuses on the customer and their needs. I'm looking forward to meeting the entire Aurajoki team, and of course, meeting our customers! "

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in industrial services with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 200. The Aurajoki Group's factories are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

In Pirkkala on January 1, 2019

Päivi Hakala
Aurajoki Oy

Tuulia Kovanen appointed new HR Manager for Aurajoki Group

Aurajoki Oy has appointed Tuulia Kovanen, Master of Science in Psychology, as the new HR Manager of the Group from 7 January 2016 onwards. Previously she held the position of HR Manager of NTC Finland Oy. Kovanen has more than 20 years of experience as a human resource manager of the industry, and especially in the Lean operating model, incl., from Parker Hannifin and KVL Tekniikka. Kovanen will also be a member of the Management Team of Aurajoki Oy.

“Tuulia Kovanen's strong experience and especially the know-how of the Lean operating model will strengthen the operational capacity of the Aurajoki. I warmly welcome Tuulia Kovanen to Aurajoki,” says Päivi Hakala.

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in industrial services with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 200. The factories of Aurajoki Group are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

In Pirkkala on January 1, 2019

Päivi Hakala
Aurajoki Oy

We made the Baltic Sea a gift out of thin air!

The environment and taking care of it mean a lot for us. We decided to do our part and donated our funds earmarked for Seasons’ greetings to Baltic Sea Action Group’s work for a healthier Baltic Sea.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

For more information of BSAG and its actions, please visit the website

joulukortti en 2018

We surpassed our goals in energy savings

ETS logo fin vAurajoki Oy is involved in energy efficiency agreements and exceeded the target for the previous period, which was 9% savings in energy consumption for the 2008-2016 contract period, according to Production Manager Tommi Pynnönen. The volunteer-based contract system is a good way to encourage companies to improve their energy efficiency. It motivates the thinking about energy-saving related development needs, even though companies do so already because of cost savings.

Long-term investment and day-to-day work have been focusing on improving energy efficiency. For example, all hot-dip galvanizing boilers have been replaced from oil to electric heating. Significant cost benefits have also been obtained by adjusting the district heating system. In addition, heat recovery equipment was installed at the Turku factory's powder coating plant, which was a big investment for this company. New options are being studied continuously, and the reflection is on increasing the use of renewable energy.

In September, Aurajoki Oy signed an agreement to join the demand side management with Turku Energia. The agreement covers our hot-dip galvanizing plants in Aura, Lievestuore, Pirkkala, and Mikkeli. Pynnönen says that compensation from the demand-driven market will give the company clear savings in energy costs. The occasional reduction in electricity consumption is also an important environmental action that suits perfectly the values of our company.

The original broader article was published on 20 November 2018 on the Energy Efficiency Agreements website.
Link to the article: 

Our ecological High5-Coat coating will last for a long time

collage high5Aurajoki Oy and Haapanen Oy have jointly developed a High5-Coat coating combination for demanding environments. It is the result of years of product development combining hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating with their environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing these two methods, it is possible not only to protect the steel from corrosion but also to give the product the desired color surface. In addition, the loss of materials is minimal, the coating process is phosphate-free, and no harmful organic compounds or VOC emissions occur at all.

High5-Coat consists of five stages: pickling, hot dip galvanizing, aluminum oxide blasting, aminosilicate treatment, and powder coating. In our coating process, harmful phosphating has been replaced by a chemical reaction on a hot galvanized surface. Aluminum oxide blasting roughens the galvanization so that accelerated laboratory tests have found that the coating meets the highest C5 strain class durability requirements. Aluminum oxide is suitable as a blasting agent on the hot-dip galvanized surface and is also completely recyclable. The adhesion and corrosion protection is finished with phosphate-free special silane treatment, where an amino-silane-containing solution is applied to the surface of the rinsed product. This combination avoids the slow process between the paint surface and the hot zink, which normally causes the paint to detach within a couple of years of the coating.

Coating combinations that utilize hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating have previously been used for steel shielding. Despite the good qualitative method, they exacerbate the environment due to phosphating in the process. These coatings have been used for example in the Nordic countries, and they have even risen as the only alternative in the acquisitions of large cities. High5-Coat is expected to pick up quickly as the first option, as it is 15-20% cheaper than competitors' coatings and lasts longer.

For more information:
Kari Sulonen
tel. 0400 327 858

The original broader article is published on 25.10. Published in Metallitekniikka No. 10/2018.
Link to the article:

Lean project at our Turku Factory has been successful

turku leanThe Turku Factory of Aurajoki Oy is our first factory where Lean mentality was tested for better work efficiency. Lean is a systematic method of work enabling the standardisation of activities. It covers a number of areas, such as management system, problem solving methods, and monitoring and instruments.

The Project was launched at the beginning of 2017 and was managed by two experienced consultants from outside of the company throughout the year. At first, a common intention was created for employees to improve the Factory's competitiveness, thereafter, among other things, a new layout and new practices were planned for the Factory. At present, Mr. Mikko Mäkinen, Production Manager of the Factory, is in charge of the project together the development group.

Compared to the past, works at Turku Factory have become more professional. Things are implemented and monitored more systematically and employees have been able to participate in the development of working environment significantly more than before. The greatest visible benefit is the cleanliness of production premises, which have also been noticed by customers visiting the Factory. Goods being in the right place and the cleanliness of the Factory have had a positive effect on the well-being of employees.

At the beginning of the project, a challenge was that every employee had to provide a lot of new information. However, in the first year, Lean's strengths were observed, and the attitudes of employees towards changes became more positive. Moreover, Lean enables to acknowledge the existing challenges as they are addressed more openly and continuously. In the course of the Project, the Turku Factory has developed a mode of operation that is sustainable and advances step by step.

Cooperation with Kemppi

kemppiIn order to increase the efficiency of manufacturing metal products, Aurajoki Oy acquired from Kemppi five X8 MIG Welder welding units and three TIG welding units. New units are used in the process of manufacturing pressure equipment in our Pirkkala factory and in production activities of our infra group in Kannonkoski.

New units have accelerated and simplified our welding processes. Using the programmes in the units have reduced the need for post-processing. They have led to splash-free finish and occasional decrease in the number of defects.

WeldEye welding programme was acquired at the same time as the units, which has saved time and reduced the amount of paperwork. It has also resulted in smaller amount of paper spent on welding instructions, because instructions can now be prepared and electronically sent to the welding unit to be used by the operator of the unit. The units facilitate monitoring and measuring performance efficiency and level of welders’ skills, which will contribute to gradual improvement of our activities.

Our cooperation with Kemppi has had an excellent start and it has been mutually beneficial. For example, Aurajoki has supported Kemppi with surface treatment services and Kemppi has provided welding-related consultations in return.

Aurajoki Oy in co-operation with Turku Energia

turkuenergiaTurku Energia and Aurajoki Oy have signed an agreement on the supply of power to the demand-side management market of the hot dip-galvanizing plant in Aurajoki Oy's four locations. Trading by Aurajoki Oy in the market of Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid was launched in September. With the help of demand-side management, the electricity consumption is adjusted to match the current situation of the electricity market and the electricity system.

Turku Energia works as a technical implementer and trading partner in the direction of Fingrid. Those participating in the demand-side management market are required to have at least 1 megawatt (MW) power and flexibility in terms of energy use.

- Reducing consumption is a significant way of reducing environmental impact rather than by constantly increasing production capacity. The demand-side management market allows different parties to participate in securing electricity consumption and production balance. At the same time, they make an environmental impact by reducing their consumption occasionally. The compensation obtained from the market is very encouraging, says Product Manager Kimmo Kuusinen from Turku Energia.

Within the Aurajoki Oy's demand-side management agreement there are four Aurajoki Oy's places of business: Aura, Lievestuore, Pirkkala, and Mikkeli, which provide sufficient power for the demand-side market. In a power supply situation, the electric power is dropped to a maximum of 15 minutes, after which the power automatically returns to normal. In this case, the demand-side management is so rapid that it has no effect on the production of hot galvanizing plants.

- As Finland's leading hot-dip galvanizer, the demand-side management is perfectly suited to our values. We believe that long-term profitability requires economic, social and environmental responsibility, and the environmental impacts of our products and services throughout the life cycle are taken into account so that the processes in place will impact the environment as little as possible," says Production Manager Tommi Pynnönen from Aurajoki Oy.

For more information:

Kimmo Kuusinen, Product Manager, Turku Energia
Tel. +358 50 5573 673

Tommi Pynnönen, Production Director, Aurajoki Oy
Tel. +358 40 5181 093 

The press release was originally published on Turku Energia's website at It can be also found in Turun Sanomat website.

Aurajoki Oy participates in the Tampere Tram project

Ratikkapylväs teiskontie3 muokattuIn spring 2018, Aurajoki Oy entered into a contract for manufacturing steel posts for the ladder model of electrification of tramway tracks under Tampere Tram project. The posts will be manufactured in our factory in Kannonkoski and hot dipped galvanized in Lievestuore. Due to the complexity and short term of the project, we invested in new welding equipment and purchased a light conveyor in order to ensure high quality and efficiency of finished products.

The project involves manufacturing 400 posts with total weight of approximately 300 tonnes. The height of posts ranges from 8.3 to 12 metres. Aurajoki Oy performs all of its duties under the project within 2018.

The first posts manufactured by us have already delivered at Teiskontie.

We now manufacture Infra steel structures also in Latvia

auratec pylvasAurajoki Oy established metal products company Auratec SIA in Daugale near Riga, Latvia.

This welding company specialises in the manufacturing of steel structures and holds EN 1090-2 certificate issued by Inspecta Suomi. Production activities in the new premises that were completed in April help to develop the services provided by Aurajoki Oy Infra for the markets in Northern Europe. The first projects of structures for power lines were performed during last summer and the first deliveries have been successfully completed.

For further information contact Mikko Arminen

Group's certificates have been updated

The quality and environmental certifications of Aurajoki Group have been updated to the newest (year 2015) standard level. We have also clarified our Personal Data Guidelines to meet the requirements of the EU's general data protection regulation.FI ISO 9001 ISO 3834 2 ISO 14001 lores

Power station can be beautiful

The City of Vantaa rewards high quality and imaginative architectural artefacts with the Kehäkukka Award. The 2018 prize was awarded to the local power station Fingrid Länsisalmi, which is responsible for securing the electricity supply of Helsinki area.

The station's landmark is a 50-meter steel portal and the buildings of the station are clad with glass filaments.

The steel portions of the substation steel, including the landscape portal, are supplied by the Aurajoki Group.


Päivi Hakala appointed as CEO of Aurajoki

The Aurajoki board of directors has nominated Päivi Hakala as the new CEO for the Aurajoki Group, as of 3 April 2018. Since 2009, Hakala has held the position of Director, Power BU at Eltel Networks. Hakala’s work history includes executive roles in customer relationship management and service business for the building and construction company YIT.

“During the recruitment process, the board of directors sought the right person to lead Aurajoki and its clients on a continued path of growth. Päivi Hakala has extensive experience in leading different types of business units in demanding situations. She brings a lot of valuable experience to Aurajoki”, Arto Tiitinen says.

“In my role, I want to keep Aurajoki on a path of growth and profitability, and, together with skilled staff, strengthen the company as a service business”, Päivi Hakala says.

The Aurajoki Group specialises in industrial services for the metal industry. In 2017, the group had a turnover of €30 million and had 223 employees. The Aurajoki group has facilities in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku.

Aura, 4 April 2018

Arto Tiitinen
Chairman of the board
Aurajoki Oy