Operating principles and policies

We have earned our customers' trust through our expertise and service excellence, which we use to provide a competitive advantage for our customers, by operating in a responsible, reliable and flexible manner, and by meeting individual needs.

We constantly develop and improve both our service and our processes, in order to respond to the future challenges of our clientele.

We undertake development projects in cooperation with our customers and research communities. We are constantly challenging ourselves to improve, to always do our best, and to do it right from the beginning.

Customer satisfaction and experience are the best indicators we have, as we develop our operations to meet the market needs of the future.

We at the Aurajoki Group provide our clients with competitive end-to-end solutions based on our strong expertise, broad service portfolio, and operations characterised by long-term responsibility.

The quality management system that controls our operations is certified according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Our operations are also controlled by, for example, the EN 1090 series of standards (CE) and many process-specific standards.

The Aurajoki Group's environmental policy promotes life-cycle thinking. In our daily work, this means that we recycle the waste material produced in our processes, by sorting, reusing and recovering it for energy, which means that we use less raw material from nature.

We are constantly making our operations more environmentally friendly, increasing our awareness of environmental issues, and challenging ourselves and our stakeholders to reduce the burden on the environment.

When choosing suppliers and developing our supplier network, we always ensure that local environmental laws and human rights are observed.

Our occupational health and safety policies have been developed in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

We comply with strict environmental standards – for safety and for saving energy and natural resources.

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