Our ecological High5-Coat coating will last for a long time

collage high5Aurajoki Oy and Haapanen Oy have jointly developed a High5-Coat coating combination for demanding environments. It is the result of years of product development combining hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating with their environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing these two methods, it is possible not only to protect the steel from corrosion but also to give the product the desired color surface. In addition, the loss of materials is minimal, the coating process is phosphate-free, and no harmful organic compounds or VOC emissions occur at all.

High5-Coat consists of five stages: pickling, hot dip galvanizing, aluminum oxide blasting, aminosilicate treatment, and powder coating. In our coating process, harmful phosphating has been replaced by a chemical reaction on a hot galvanized surface. Aluminum oxide blasting roughens the galvanization so that accelerated laboratory tests have found that the coating meets the highest C5 strain class durability requirements. Aluminum oxide is suitable as a blasting agent on the hot-dip galvanized surface and is also completely recyclable. The adhesion and corrosion protection is finished with phosphate-free special silane treatment, where an amino-silane-containing solution is applied to the surface of the rinsed product. This combination avoids the slow process between the paint surface and the hot zink, which normally causes the paint to detach within a couple of years of the coating.

Coating combinations that utilize hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating have previously been used for steel shielding. Despite the good qualitative method, they exacerbate the environment due to phosphating in the process. These coatings have been used for example in the Nordic countries, and they have even risen as the only alternative in the acquisitions of large cities. High5-Coat is expected to pick up quickly as the first option, as it is 15-20% cheaper than competitors' coatings and lasts longer.

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The original broader article is published on 25.10. Published in Metallitekniikka No. 10/2018.
Link to the article: https://www.tekniikkatalous.fi/tekniikka/metalli/ymparistolle-aika-kauhea-menetelma-uusi-suomalaiskeksinto-korvaa-haitallisen-fosfatoinnin-pulverimaalauksessa-6747601.