Our painting (powder coating) line uses a 170-metre long continuous overhead conveyor system.

The line features a washing tunnel, where the objects to be painted are cleaned of dirt and oil, and pretreated (with Zirca-Sil™, a zirconium coating). After being cleaned in the washing tunnel, the objects are dried in a drying tunnel. The powder coating is then applied to the objects on both sides, using six automatic spray guns. After the automatic treatment, a painter checks the quality and makes the necessary touch-ups. The powder-coating chamber is constructed in such a way as to allow us to collect all excess powder and reuse it. After the powder coating, the objects continue on the conveyor to a curing oven, where the powder melts and forms a film.

The maximum height of objects to be coated is 1650 mm.

We also provide a liquid painting and DUPLEX coating service.

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