Our excellent cooperation with Winco continues

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Aurajoki Oy and railway construction and repair company Winco Oy continue their good cooperation in the framework of Turku–Uusikaupunki electric railway project. Aurajoki manufactures electrification steel posts for the project, welded in Kannonkoski workshop in Finland and hot-dip galvanized at the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Lievestuore. There will be around one thousand posts to be manufactured within this year.

“We are glad for the opportunity to participate in such an extensive project,” commented Päivi Hakala, CEO of Aurajoki Oy.

“Winco Oy is happy that on the global supply market there is a competitive Finnish supplier providing good quality,” adds Timo Virmala, CEO of Winco Oy.

We participated in the annual meeting of Nordic Galvanizers in Malmö

Uutinen NG Ville 2After Easter, the organisation Nordic Galvanizers organised annual meeting in Malmö, Sweden. Aurajoki Oy was represented at the meeting by production manager of the plant Ville Sinkkonen and CEO Päivi Hakala, production manager Tommi Pynnönen and sales manager Ari Kesti. During the two-day event, our team learned about the most recent news and research results in the field of hot-dip galvanizing and examined the operation of local hot-dip galvanising plant.

“As members of this organisation, we are among the first people to learn about new scientific data regarding the areas of application of hot-dip galvanising. This time, it was particularly interesting to hear about the most recent technologies of hot-dip galvanising and watch presentations regarding chemical composition of steel and its impact on production process”, says Sinkkonen. The organisation has published the hot-dip galvanising handbook, the most recent edition of which will be available for all members in near future. That handbook contains lots of useful information for both member companies and their cooperation partners.

At the end of the annual meeting, almost 60 participants were given an opportunity to visit a local enterprise and observe the operation of fully automated hot-dip galvanising line. “Such plant visits are the most exciting. You can look around and notice significant details, which gives you new ideas how to improve our own operation,” notes Sinkkonen.

Aurajoki Oy is one of two Finnish companies that have a representative elected to the management board of Nordic Galvanizers.

New production contact person for Turku customers

kalle rantalaIn order to further improve our customer service, we have appointed one person to be in charge of all the issues related to deliveries at the Turku factory. Any questions related to orders and deliveries regarding production will be answered by Kalle Rantala

Find below Kalle’s contact details:
Kalle Rantala
Phone +358 40 457 8090

Best regards,
Ari Kesti
Sales Director
Aurajoki Oy

We participated in BSAG's successful Baltic Sea collection


We donated our last year's Christmas greeting money to the Baltic Sea Action Group and participated in the Christmas campaign of the Foundation Give just air as a gift. It was used to raise funds for rescuing the Baltic Sea, which focused particularly on revitalizing the amount of oxygen on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

“BSAG's annual Christmas campaign ensures the continuity of the Foundation's operations. The 2018 Campaign 'Give the Baltic Sea a Gift of Just Air' raised 220,600 euros and 152 individual donations,” said campaign manager Nicholas Wardi from the BSAG Foundation.

We wish BSAG good luck and success in rescuing the Baltic Sea!

Tracking our zinc

At the end of 2018, our CEO Päivi Hakala and our production manager Tommi Pynnönen visited the factory of Boliden Kokkola Oy to trace the zinc used in our hot-dip galvanizing facilities. Our cooperation with Boliden started in 1969, in the early days of Aurajoki, when manufacturing of zinc began in Kokkola, and the close cooperation has continued ever since.

“Over the years, Boliden has proven to provide high-quality zinc that meets our requirements. The delivery reliability of zinc is very good, which is why Boliden is a great cooperation partner for us. The company also takes care of analyzing all baths in our hot-dip galvanizing process,” says Pynnönen.

A large part of the zinc concentrate used in the Boliden manufacturing process is obtained from the company's own mines. During the process, the concentrate is reduced, soaked and coagulated and finally cast into zinc bars. The different steps remove the impurities, and as a result, a very pure SHG grade zinc is obtained which can be alloyed as desired by the Boliden customer.

Thanks big time to the Boliden team for an enlightening meeting!

Boliden ankkurikuva