We support the development of TAKK electricity networks training

Aurajoki Oy participates in a project of Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK), in the course of which a new substation will be built for educational purposes near Nirva Campus in Tampere. The project aims at building a diverse, secure and quality learning environment for carrying out electricity networks training, which would provide learners with more extensive electricity related education. Such learning environment has not been created before and the substation will be in state use.

Substation consists of 110 kV high voltage switchgear and power lines. The switchgear consists of two cable outlet fields situated in approximately 30 m x 20 m fenced areas and two to three power lines with posts and wires. Project was commenced in 2018 and estimated commissioning of the new learning environment is next year. Other project participants include Fingrid Oy, Omexom Oy, Empower PN Oy, Voimatel Oy and Eltel Networks Oy.

Steel structures of the substation are manufactured in our Kannonkoski workshop and hot-dipped galvanised in Pirkkala plant. Jaana Harju and Timo Juntunen, TAKK trainers responsible for the project visited Pirkkala hot-dipped galvanizing plant in mid-August to see how the structures are manufactured and to learn more about our production processes.

Thank you for visiting us and good luck with the project!

More information about the project is available at TAKK website: https://www.takk.fi/fi/takk/hankkeet/sahkoaseman-rakentaminen/ 


New production manager at Turku factory

mikko vahteramikko mnakinenMikko Mäkinen, the production manager at Turku factory, is transferring to a new position in Aurajoki Group. In early October, he will commence work as the development manager in our Aura office. Mikko will focus on further development of production on group level and participate in search for and development of new surface treatment solutions.

Mikko Vahtera, the former foreman of Turku factory will commence work as the new production manager. “It is good for the entire company to have Mikko take the next step in his career in Aurajoki, allowing more efficient implementation of his excellent technical skills,” says Tommi Pynnönen, the production manager at Aurajoki. “As an open person, Mikko can primarily deal with customers by meeting their expectations.”

We thank both Mikkos for excellent work at Turku factory and wish them good luck in their new functions!

Aurajoki raising awareness of industrial hazardous substances released into the Baltic Sea

hazbref uutinenThe Turku Factory of Aurajoki Oy is participating in the HAZBREF project of Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The project aims to decrease pollution of the Baltic Sea concerning the harmful inputs. The main instrument on EU level to control industrial releases is the Industrial Emissions Directive, particularly through the publication of BAT documents (Best Available Techniques which are also known as BREFs). However, the BREFs published so far do not contain comprehensive information on specific hazardous substances. In the HAZBREF project chemicals used by different industrial sectors are studied and analyzed, in order to raise awareness of the emission problem in general, but at the same time focusing especially on the nature of the problem in the Baltic region.

Aurajoki Oy is one of the seven companies operating on surface treatment that take part in the project. The other fields of industry participating are chemical and textile industries. According to Sanna Salo, HSEQ Manager at Aurajoki Group, it was the possibility to benchmark their practices that draw the company to join in. “Our factory is supervised by the Finnish environment and safety authorities, and naturally our processes and practices meet their requirements. Still it is interesting to discuss whether there are ways to take our performance to the next level and serve our customers better. HAZBREF can give us a new third party opinion in the matter, and we are eager to hear that,” Ms. Salo explains.

The revision of the BREF on surface treatment of metals and plastic makes the collaboration even more interesting for the company. “We believe that being part of the project has a real added value for us especially now, as the BREF is being revised. I expect the project can provide us more detailed information about the future BATs,” says Sanna Salo.

For further information about HAZBREF, please visit the website https://www.syke.fi/projects/hazbref


Virtaava Aurajoki spreading from Turku to our other factories

virtaava aurajokiWe have renewed our strategy for the next three years and commenced its implementation in early 2019. Based on our operation strategy, we found the most suitable tool to be Virtaava Aurajoki, which also supports our values such as reliable and innovative. Virtaava Aurajoki was first introduced in the factory in Turku in 2017 and in view of good results, we have expanded our project to other places of activity.

According to its name, the purpose of Virtaava Aurajoki consists in intense information and material flows in our company. This results in accelerated production flow, allowing us to fulfil our clients’ wishes flexibly, quickly and at expected quality. For our staff, Virtaava Aurajoki stands for clarity, visuality and joint effort: we are more aware of our destination and the process and we find new solutions together.

“In the first half of this year, me and my team started participating in Virtaava Aurajoki project by leading 5S projects. As a new member of the staff, I had an opportunity to get acquainted with our team and familiarise myself with the factories during cleaning activities. Innovative solutions have been well received by the staff and it shows through tidiness and cleanliness of the premises. Our employees have provided us with more ideas for development, which is excellent”, commented HR manager Tuulia Kovanen. “Now we can enjoy summer and continue streamlining the flow in the autumn.”

Opening hours in summer 2019

Our offices will serve you during the summer 2019 as follows:

Reception and loading of goods on weekdays from 06:00 to 16:00
Kannonkoski On weekdays from 06:00 to 14:30
Lievestuore On weekdays from 06:00 to 20:00
Mikkeli On weekdays from 06:00 to 20:00
Pirkkala Reception and loading of goods on weekdays from 06:00 to 16:00
Turku Normal opening hours