We participated in BSAG's successful Baltic Sea collection


We donated our last year's Christmas greeting money to the Baltic Sea Action Group and participated in the Christmas campaign of the Foundation Give just air as a gift. It was used to raise funds for rescuing the Baltic Sea, which focused particularly on revitalizing the amount of oxygen on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

“BSAG's annual Christmas campaign ensures the continuity of the Foundation's operations. The 2018 Campaign 'Give the Baltic Sea a Gift of Just Air' raised 220,600 euros and 152 individual donations,” said campaign manager Nicholas Wardi from the BSAG Foundation.

We wish BSAG good luck and success in rescuing the Baltic Sea!

Tracking our zinc

At the end of 2018, our CEO Päivi Hakala and our production manager Tommi Pynnönen visited the factory of Boliden Kokkola Oy to trace the zinc used in our hot-dip galvanizing facilities. Our cooperation with Boliden started in 1969, in the early days of Aurajoki, when manufacturing of zinc began in Kokkola, and the close cooperation has continued ever since.

“Over the years, Boliden has proven to provide high-quality zinc that meets our requirements. The delivery reliability of zinc is very good, which is why Boliden is a great cooperation partner for us. The company also takes care of analyzing all baths in our hot-dip galvanizing process,” says Pynnönen.

A large part of the zinc concentrate used in the Boliden manufacturing process is obtained from the company's own mines. During the process, the concentrate is reduced, soaked and coagulated and finally cast into zinc bars. The different steps remove the impurities, and as a result, a very pure SHG grade zinc is obtained which can be alloyed as desired by the Boliden customer.

Thanks big time to the Boliden team for an enlightening meeting!

Boliden ankkurikuva

Aurajoki Oy sells pressure equipment business

Aurajoki Oy will focus on its core business areas and has sold the pressure equipment business to the newly established company PV Tech Oy. The change will take effect on 1 February 2019.

Following in the footsteps of Aurajoki, PV Tech Oy will continue the pressure equipment business that has a successful and long-term history. All the knowledge and resources are transferred to the new company. Aurajoki Oy will continue to act as a co-owner of the new company.

“The target of Aurajoki Group is to be the best partner for customers in industrial coating solutions. With the launch of the new strategy of Aurajoki for the years 2019-2021, we will focus on serving our customers, especially in regards to surface treatment and the production related to surface treatment, including engineering workshops and production of the infrastructure. We wish the new company and staff continued future success,” comments Päivi Hakala, CEO of Aurajoki Group.

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in metal industry coating solutions with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 180. The factories of Aurajoki Group are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

Proxocon Oy changes its name

Dear customers and partners,

The name of Proxocon Oy will change on 10 January 2019. The new business name is Aurajoki Pro Oy. From now on, all quotations, orders and invoicing related to infrastructure production will be made in the name of Aurajoki Pro Oy.

All existing manufacturing and product certificates have been transferred to the parent company Aurajoki Oy. From January 2019, Aurajoki Pro Oy operates under the operating system of Aurajoki Oy.

The purpose of this change is to make our operations more coherent, efficient and to enable it to become more customer-oriented. This change will not affect our activities, our staff contacts or our organizational structure. Nor does the name change affect our products or services.

Invoicing information of Aurajoki Pro Oy (as of January 10, 2019)

Our company information
Name Business ID Our electronic invoicing address
Aurajoki Pro Oy 2364803-7 003723648037


Identification data
Broker Broker ID  
Maventa 003721291126  
Identification code when sending from a banking network: DABAFIHH


If you cannot send invoices electronically as an online invoice, we ask you to provide the purchase invoices either

by email to:

or by mail to:
Aurajoki Pro Oy
P.O.Box 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

For more information, contact:

Toni Casagrande, Administrative Director
phone +358 400 501 883

Tuulia Kovanen appointed new HR Manager for Aurajoki Group

Aurajoki Oy has appointed Tuulia Kovanen, Master of Science in Psychology, as the new HR Manager of the Group from 7 January 2016 onwards. Previously she held the position of HR Manager of NTC Finland Oy. Kovanen has more than 20 years of experience as a human resource manager of the industry, and especially in the Lean operating model, incl., from Parker Hannifin and KVL Tekniikka. Kovanen will also be a member of the Management Team of Aurajoki Oy.

“Tuulia Kovanen's strong experience and especially the know-how of the Lean operating model will strengthen the operational capacity of the Aurajoki. I warmly welcome Tuulia Kovanen to Aurajoki,” says Päivi Hakala.

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in industrial services with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 200. The factories of Aurajoki Group are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

In Pirkkala on January 1, 2019

Päivi Hakala
Aurajoki Oy