Ari Kesti appointed new Sales Director of Aurajoki Group

Aurajoki Oy has appointed Ari Kesti as the new Sales Director of the Group as of January 7, 2016. He will move to the position from the position of Sales Director of TT Gaskets Oy, where he has been working since 2014. Kesti has many years of experience in the tasks and management of industrial sales, including in Takoma Oyj and Metso Drives Oy.

“Ari Kesti brings truly strong industry sales experience to the implementation of the renewed Aurajoki, and a new strategy. Kesti’s customer-oriented work method, sales management achievements and active management teamwork will strengthen the Aurajoki team in the emerging and digitalizing industry. I warmly welcome Ari Kesti to Aurajoki,”says Päivi Hakala.

"Aurajoki is a fine company with a long tradition as an important link in the value chains of Finnish industry. With my own contribution, I would like to develop the added value that Aurajoki brings to its customers. I believe my previous experience will help in this work, which always focuses on the customer and their needs. I'm looking forward to meeting the entire Aurajoki team, and of course, meeting our customers! "

Aurajoki Group is a company specializing in industrial services with a turnover of approximately EUR 27 million and a staff of 200. The Aurajoki Group's factories are located in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku, and Daugmale in Latvia.

In Pirkkala on January 1, 2019

Päivi Hakala
Aurajoki Oy

We made the Baltic Sea a gift out of thin air!

The environment and taking care of it mean a lot for us. We decided to do our part and donated our funds earmarked for Seasons’ greetings to Baltic Sea Action Group’s work for a healthier Baltic Sea.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!

For more information of BSAG and its actions, please visit the website

joulukortti en 2018

We surpassed our goals in energy savings

ETS logo fin vAurajoki Oy is involved in energy efficiency agreements and exceeded the target for the previous period, which was 9% savings in energy consumption for the 2008-2016 contract period, according to Production Manager Tommi Pynnönen. The volunteer-based contract system is a good way to encourage companies to improve their energy efficiency. It motivates the thinking about energy-saving related development needs, even though companies do so already because of cost savings.

Long-term investment and day-to-day work have been focusing on improving energy efficiency. For example, all hot-dip galvanizing boilers have been replaced from oil to electric heating. Significant cost benefits have also been obtained by adjusting the district heating system. In addition, heat recovery equipment was installed at the Turku factory's powder coating plant, which was a big investment for this company. New options are being studied continuously, and the reflection is on increasing the use of renewable energy.

In September, Aurajoki Oy signed an agreement to join the demand side management with Turku Energia. The agreement covers our hot-dip galvanizing plants in Aura, Lievestuore, Pirkkala, and Mikkeli. Pynnönen says that compensation from the demand-driven market will give the company clear savings in energy costs. The occasional reduction in electricity consumption is also an important environmental action that suits perfectly the values of our company.

The original broader article was published on 20 November 2018 on the Energy Efficiency Agreements website.
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Our ecological High5-Coat coating will last for a long time

collage high5Aurajoki Oy and Haapanen Oy have jointly developed a High5-Coat coating combination for demanding environments. It is the result of years of product development combining hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating with their environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing these two methods, it is possible not only to protect the steel from corrosion but also to give the product the desired color surface. In addition, the loss of materials is minimal, the coating process is phosphate-free, and no harmful organic compounds or VOC emissions occur at all.

High5-Coat consists of five stages: pickling, hot dip galvanizing, aluminum oxide blasting, aminosilicate treatment, and powder coating. In our coating process, harmful phosphating has been replaced by a chemical reaction on a hot galvanized surface. Aluminum oxide blasting roughens the galvanization so that accelerated laboratory tests have found that the coating meets the highest C5 strain class durability requirements. Aluminum oxide is suitable as a blasting agent on the hot-dip galvanized surface and is also completely recyclable. The adhesion and corrosion protection is finished with phosphate-free special silane treatment, where an amino-silane-containing solution is applied to the surface of the rinsed product. This combination avoids the slow process between the paint surface and the hot zink, which normally causes the paint to detach within a couple of years of the coating.

Coating combinations that utilize hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating have previously been used for steel shielding. Despite the good qualitative method, they exacerbate the environment due to phosphating in the process. These coatings have been used for example in the Nordic countries, and they have even risen as the only alternative in the acquisitions of large cities. High5-Coat is expected to pick up quickly as the first option, as it is 15-20% cheaper than competitors' coatings and lasts longer.

For more information:
Kari Sulonen
tel. 0400 327 858

The original broader article is published on 25.10. Published in Metallitekniikka No. 10/2018.
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Lean project at our Turku Factory has been successful

turku leanThe Turku Factory of Aurajoki Oy is our first factory where Lean mentality was tested for better work efficiency. Lean is a systematic method of work enabling the standardisation of activities. It covers a number of areas, such as management system, problem solving methods, and monitoring and instruments.

The Project was launched at the beginning of 2017 and was managed by two experienced consultants from outside of the company throughout the year. At first, a common intention was created for employees to improve the Factory's competitiveness, thereafter, among other things, a new layout and new practices were planned for the Factory. At present, Mr. Mikko Mäkinen, Production Manager of the Factory, is in charge of the project together the development group.

Compared to the past, works at Turku Factory have become more professional. Things are implemented and monitored more systematically and employees have been able to participate in the development of working environment significantly more than before. The greatest visible benefit is the cleanliness of production premises, which have also been noticed by customers visiting the Factory. Goods being in the right place and the cleanliness of the Factory have had a positive effect on the well-being of employees.

At the beginning of the project, a challenge was that every employee had to provide a lot of new information. However, in the first year, Lean's strengths were observed, and the attitudes of employees towards changes became more positive. Moreover, Lean enables to acknowledge the existing challenges as they are addressed more openly and continuously. In the course of the Project, the Turku Factory has developed a mode of operation that is sustainable and advances step by step.