Cooperation with Kemppi

kemppiIn order to increase the efficiency of manufacturing metal products, Aurajoki Oy acquired from Kemppi five X8 MIG Welder welding units and three TIG welding units. New units are used in the process of manufacturing pressure equipment in our Pirkkala factory and in production activities of our infra group in Kannonkoski.

New units have accelerated and simplified our welding processes. Using the programmes in the units have reduced the need for post-processing. They have led to splash-free finish and occasional decrease in the number of defects.

WeldEye welding programme was acquired at the same time as the units, which has saved time and reduced the amount of paperwork. It has also resulted in smaller amount of paper spent on welding instructions, because instructions can now be prepared and electronically sent to the welding unit to be used by the operator of the unit. The units facilitate monitoring and measuring performance efficiency and level of welders’ skills, which will contribute to gradual improvement of our activities.

Our cooperation with Kemppi has had an excellent start and it has been mutually beneficial. For example, Aurajoki has supported Kemppi with surface treatment services and Kemppi has provided welding-related consultations in return.

Aurajoki Oy in co-operation with Turku Energia

turkuenergiaTurku Energia and Aurajoki Oy have signed an agreement on the supply of power to the demand-side management market of the hot dip-galvanizing plant in Aurajoki Oy's four locations. Trading by Aurajoki Oy in the market of Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid was launched in September. With the help of demand-side management, the electricity consumption is adjusted to match the current situation of the electricity market and the electricity system.

Turku Energia works as a technical implementer and trading partner in the direction of Fingrid. Those participating in the demand-side management market are required to have at least 1 megawatt (MW) power and flexibility in terms of energy use.

- Reducing consumption is a significant way of reducing environmental impact rather than by constantly increasing production capacity. The demand-side management market allows different parties to participate in securing electricity consumption and production balance. At the same time, they make an environmental impact by reducing their consumption occasionally. The compensation obtained from the market is very encouraging, says Product Manager Kimmo Kuusinen from Turku Energia.

Within the Aurajoki Oy's demand-side management agreement there are four Aurajoki Oy's places of business: Aura, Lievestuore, Pirkkala, and Mikkeli, which provide sufficient power for the demand-side market. In a power supply situation, the electric power is dropped to a maximum of 15 minutes, after which the power automatically returns to normal. In this case, the demand-side management is so rapid that it has no effect on the production of hot galvanizing plants.

- As Finland's leading hot-dip galvanizer, the demand-side management is perfectly suited to our values. We believe that long-term profitability requires economic, social and environmental responsibility, and the environmental impacts of our products and services throughout the life cycle are taken into account so that the processes in place will impact the environment as little as possible," says Production Manager Tommi Pynnönen from Aurajoki Oy.

For more information:

Kimmo Kuusinen, Product Manager, Turku Energia
Tel. +358 50 5573 673

Tommi Pynnönen, Production Director, Aurajoki Oy
Tel. +358 40 5181 093 

The press release was originally published on Turku Energia's website at It can be also found in Turun Sanomat website.

Aurajoki Oy participates in the Tampere Tram project

Ratikkapylväs teiskontie3 muokattuIn spring 2018, Aurajoki Oy entered into a contract for manufacturing steel posts for the ladder model of electrification of tramway tracks under Tampere Tram project. The posts will be manufactured in our factory in Kannonkoski and hot dipped galvanized in Lievestuore. Due to the complexity and short term of the project, we invested in new welding equipment and purchased a light conveyor in order to ensure high quality and efficiency of finished products.

The project involves manufacturing 400 posts with total weight of approximately 300 tonnes. The height of posts ranges from 8.3 to 12 metres. Aurajoki Oy performs all of its duties under the project within 2018.

The first posts manufactured by us have already delivered at Teiskontie.

We now manufacture Infra steel structures also in Latvia

auratec pylvasAurajoki Oy established metal products company Auratec SIA in Daugale near Riga, Latvia.

This welding company specialises in the manufacturing of steel structures and holds EN 1090-2 certificate issued by Inspecta Suomi. Production activities in the new premises that were completed in April help to develop the services provided by Aurajoki Oy Infra for the markets in Northern Europe. The first projects of structures for power lines were performed during last summer and the first deliveries have been successfully completed.

For further information contact Mikko Arminen

Group's certificates have been updated

The quality and environmental certifications of Aurajoki Group have been updated to the newest (year 2015) standard level. We have also clarified our Personal Data Guidelines to meet the requirements of the EU's general data protection regulation.FI ISO 9001 ISO 3834 2 ISO 14001 lores