Achilles Live event in Oslo

Aurajoki Oy present at Achilles Live event in Oslo 21. - 22.9.2016. Seminars and networking concentrated on grid investments in Norway and Sweden. 

Achilles Oslo2  Achilles Oslo1

Fax usage

Dear customers and partners,

Aurajoki Group stops sending and receiving faxes at the beginning of June 2016 due to the low use of this technology.

New foreman in Lievestuore factory

Mechanical and production engineer Timo Mäkipää has been appointed 4.4.2016 as Lievestuore factory foreman.

Timo has previously worked in Moventas Wind Oy as quality engineer.

Lievestuore 4.4.2016
Tommi Pynnönen

Hot-dip galvanizing kettle renewal in Mikkeli

We renew the hot-dip galvanizing kettle of our Mikkeli factory.

The maintenance break starts from 11.30.2015 and hot-dip galvanizing will start again in 2016.

For more information, please be in touch with Tapani Särkkä (tel. +358 201 746 531, e-mail. ) or Jouni Marttinen (tel. +358 201 746 535, e-mail.

Reception of customer products operates throughout the factory maintenance break time on weekdays from 7 AM - 2 PM.

Our other factories are at your service normally throughout the service break.

Mikkeli 11.23.2015
Tommi Pynnönen