New maintenance manager in Aurajoki Group

Marko Rossi has been appointed Aurajoki Group's maintenance manager since 11.01.2015. 

Lievestuore 10.27.2015
Tommi Pynnönen

Pressure vessel manufacturing will continue in Pirkkala

Dear Partner and Recipient,

Aurajoki Oy Group has concluded today October 9th, 2015 a trade agreement for acquisition of Gav Group Oy ( Pirkkala pressure vessel business. This business transfer as whole means to our customers and other stakeholders that there will be no interruption of the pressure vessel manufacturing. The business and present personnel will continue under of a new company Aurajoki Pirkkala Oy. The Company management invites partners to be part of new growth and development of pressure vessel business!

The Aurajoki Group's objective is to be a part of your value chain and part of your successful business.

We will inform more details regarding the progress of this business transfer on regular basis during the next few weeks.

In case of any concerns and for further information, please do not hesitate to contact undersigned.

Jukka Rintala, Head of SBU, tel +358 50 307 6369
Markku Mänki, Aurajoki Oy, CEO & President, tel +358 400 706 363

Nordic Road Exhibition

Aurajoki Oy is ready to meet you, booth A04:25 Nordic Road at Elmia Jonköping future transport exhibition (6. - 8.10.2015).


New production manager in Mikkeli plant

Jouni Marttinen has been appointed Mikkeli plant's production manager since 09.01.2015.  Tapani Särkkä has been appointed sales manager from the same date forward.
Mikkeli 08.31.2015
Tommi Pynnönen

Aurajoki appoints new foreman to Aura factory

Mechanical Engineer Jyrki Kuivisto has been appointed as a foreman to Aura factory from 17.08.2015.

We wish the entire site management team success in future endeavors!

Aura 08/03/2015
Marko Rantala