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Aurajoki appoints new CEO

The Aurajoki board of directors has nominated M.Sc. (Tech.) Markku Mänki as the new CEO for the Aurajoki company and group, as of 18 August 2014. Mänki takes on the role of CEO after previously working as the managing director of Hollming Works. Aurajoki's current CEO, M.Sc. (Tech.) Toni Casagrande, continues as the group's executive vice president, with responsibility for finance and strategy.

The board of directors has revised the company goals. The goal is to break into new markets in the coating industry and to find new customers both in Finland and abroad. A decision was also made to strengthen the sales and manufacture of infrastructure products, and to expand it as a separate business. This organisational change means taking the next step in boosting the growth and development of the group.

The Aurajoki group specialises in industrial services for the metal industry. In 2014, the group will have a turnover of €25 million and will have 190 employees. The Aurajoki group has facilities in Aura, Kannonkoski, Lievestuore, Mikkeli, Pirkkala and Turku.

Aura, 11 Aug 2014

Peter Seligson