Our Board of Directors Visiting Our Pirkkala Factory


The Board of Directors of the Aurajoki Group visited our Pirkkala factory this week as a part of their board meeting. Production manager Joonas Tuori demonstrated the plant hot-dip galvanizing process to the board. The board members praised Joonas’ team about the safe work environment, clean facilities and the efficient production work flow.

Pictured from left Administrative Director Toni Casagrande, Board Member Peter Seligson, Production Manager Joonas Tuori,  Chairman Arto Tiitinen, Board member Timo Kohtamäki, CEO Päivi Hakala and Board Member Kenneth Lindström.
Aurajoki Oy

was founded in 1967 and specialises in metal surface treatment services and solutions. We produce, develop and design cost-efficient industrial service solutions – from the production process to the planning, finalisation and customer delivery process.

As a flexible service provider, we adapt to our clients’ every need: we can provide you with entire supply chains or even just individual services.

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