Credit Application / Account Opening Agreement — Business Customer

Want to open a customer account with Aurajoki Oy?
Fill out the agreement form below and send it to us.

    If you use and want e-invoices, please also fill in the information below:

    If you want your invoice by e-mail, please fill in the information below:

    Payment term 14 days net, default interest 18%
    Handling fee for transportation order 20 € + VAT 24%
    The lowest charge is € 150 + VAT 24% / order and € 30 + VAT 24% / order line

    Terms and conditions

    1. Customer Account Access

    After the customer account takes effect, the customer can buy products at all Aurajoki Oy’s offices. The amount of unpaid invoices from the customer must not exceed the upper limit of the customer’s account. If necessary, the upper limit of the customer account can be changed by Aurajoki Oy.

    2. Change of address

    The customer will notify Aurajoki Oy of the change of address as soon as possible.

    3. Terms of payment

    The customer undertakes to pay the invoices from the date of the invoice in accordance with the payment terms. If the customer does not pay the invoice on the due date, the customer undertakes to pay 18% annual interest on the overdue amount of the debt. In consumer transactions, the default interest rate is in accordance with the Interest Act. The customer will also pay any collection costs due to non-payment.

    4. We use the Incoterms 2020 collection of delivery clauses maintained by the International Chamber of Commerce for deliveries.

    5. Aurajoki Oy has the right to examine the customer’s creditworthiness and enter the customer information in this account application in its customer register without separate notice.

    6. Aurajoki Oy has the right to restrict or revoke the right to use the account.

    7. Disputes arising from defaults and disagreements shall be handled in the District Court of Southwest Finland or in the District Court of the customer’s domicile.

    8. The account customer is valid until further notice.
    The seller reserves the right to change the tariff.
    Either party may terminate the Account Agreement at any time with immediate effect. After termination, the customer is not entitled to use the account. The customer will pay the open invoices in the account as mentioned in section 3.

    9. We primarily comply with the general terms and conditions approved by the Technology Industry Association’s Metal Surface Treatment Industry Group in 2015 (MET Pinta 2015).

    Aurajoki Oy

    was founded in 1967 and specialises in metal surface treatment services and solutions. We produce, develop and design cost-efficient industrial service solutions – from the production process to the planning, finalisation and customer delivery process.

    As a flexible service provider, we adapt to our clients’ every need: we can provide you with entire supply chains or even just individual services.

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