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Instructions for surface treatment product batches

To enhance the quality of our customer service and supply chain and to avoid any mix-ups, we ask our customers to include a shipment note with the following information in every product batch:

  • The customer’s complete contact information
  • Desired surface treatment, such as hot-dip galvanizing or zinc electroplating, etc.
  • In conjunction with zinc electroplating, the desired passivation method, e.g. yellow passivation.
  • Dispatch list specifying the contents of the batch to be galvanized along with their package information, e.g.
    4 pcs PP100*100*4 L=3500-4000 / 1 bundle
    6 pcs HEA 200 L=2500 / 1 bundle
    2 pcs FRAME PP80*80*3 1500*4000 / 1 bundle
    154 pcs WASHERS 50*50*2.5 / 1 pallet
  • The “make/job number” of the batch that is to be brought, e.g. site name
  • Information on possible finishing treatments (painting, etc.)
  • Information on any pre-agreed additional work, e.g. thread opening, surface protection or special packaging. The necessary drawings and instructions on surface protection and special packaging must also be provided
  • In the batches to be delivered to the Turku plant, specifications on any additional work preceding the surface treatment, such as polishing, glass blasting or vibration 
  • Information on possible further deliveries (delivery address, cargo carrier, payer, possible contract numbers, etc.)
  • The possible tender number associated with the product batch 
  • If the customer orders the batch from a wholesaler or subcontractor, the identification information specified above must be provided with the batch as in direct customer deliveries

You can use the following shipment note when you are bringing your products in for surface treatment:
Download the hot-dip galvanizing note here (Word File, in Finnish)
Download the note for electrolytic coatings here (Word File, in Finnish)

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