Aurajoki – Your Sustainable Partner

Ethically produced high-quality products and services, a safe work environment and community, and professional environmentally friendly operations are the basis of all our operations.

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Safety and Quality

Our continued investments in work safety, employee well-being and training ensure an environment in which our employees can perform quality work to benefit our customers.

Among other activities, we are committed to continuously improve workplace safety and well-being using Nollis. In addition, our operations are certified e.g. in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9001 and the occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001.


As a responsible company, we have been committed to environmentally friendly operations for a long time in many different ways. We are constantly developing and updating our operations even more environmentally friendly, e.g. reducing our carbon footprint in a variety of ways.

We are part of e.g. Energy efficiency agreements, and Rinki, which are committed to reducing and recycling waste. We recycle and purify the water we use, and we use various electronic environmental protection and energy management systems such as Ylva and EG Enerkey’s SAAS service. In addition to those, we support e.g. Baltic Sea Action Group‘s activities to protect the Baltic Sea every year. We also have the ISO 14001 environmental certificate in use.

In our factories and other operations, we are constantly using more and more only renewable energy and update work conditions with other new innovations. We apply all these same principles throughout our production and supply chain, including our subcontractors.


Ethical, equal, people-oriented, transparent and corruption-free operations are also an important part of our responsible operations. We keep our customer promise and take care of the well-being of our customers, partners and staff as best we can.

People and Professionalism

Our knowledgeable, experienced and professional staff, and a positive work atmosphere are the basis of our operations. Our know-how and quality standards, which have been honed like diamonds over the decades, are reflected responsibly at every stage of our efficient production chain.

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Aurajoki Oy

was founded in 1967 and specialises in metal surface treatment services and solutions. We produce, develop and design cost-efficient industrial service solutions – from the production process to the planning, finalisation and customer delivery process.

As a flexible service provider, we adapt to our clients’ every need: we can provide you with entire supply chains or even just individual services.

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